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Hi Zwift - one word, AWESOME.

I’m sure you thought of this already, and maybe I’m not the first to suggest this… as a former elite rider and now and company director I was first looking at virtual self while riding and wondered at my kit - then I thought ‘wish I could have my company logo on it’ - then I thought that it would be cool to have corporate teams and clubs with sponsored teams. So let me put my hand up to be considered for sponsoring riders and teams.

There could be race series and club events where riders are selected or admitted into teams sponsored by companies/clubs. There could be separate courses and race events and whole season long events, road races, crits, TTs and so on. Even do major famous events like riding alp Alp D’Huez an so on.

Eventually bike companies might want to sponsor bikes and teams could have bikes and kit. Prizes could be actual cash or something. Don’t know

Could be an exciting thing - and great income opportunity. I think that lots would love it. Anyway, as said, sure you’ve already thought of this. I think my company would be interested in being a sponsor once you get it going.

David Hennessy
Chief Technology Officer
The Cash Back App