TdZ stage 1 ranking bug?

This morning I rode the B variant of the TdZ stage one at 11:00 Central European time. It took me 57:24 this also shown in the companion for the activity. This should put me at postion 808 I think, but instead I’m at 1055 in the rankings and my time is listed as 45734821:18:19. It looks like the times are weird like this for everybody of rank 1004 and higher.

Did you late join? This is what normally happens for late joiners.

I just wanted to say the same thing. Did you late join?

Ah ok, that explains. I was one minute late. It was my first event and I didn’t know you had to be in a route to be joined to an event and I was waiting in the dash at first. Thanks, won’t happen again :slight_smile:

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