Totally confused about TdZ results

I’ve just started taking part in TdZ. First events I’ve ever done.

In the closing 1k I battled it out with a few other riders to break the top 1500… just a small win for someone who’s looking to improve my fitness.

After loading up the results on the app, I’m listed 1600+.

After looking at the first top three people, none of them actually rode the TdZ NYC course. Then going through a few other results on the list, I came across multiple others who look like they only completed half the course yet they’ve been ranked.

Is this a one off? Or is this a common issue?

FYI, it was the 7pm ride yesterday (5th) and Group A.

Did you start on time? I’ve done some events where I was a bit late to the start, and it threw me into the group and I got credit for completing but ranked last.

Those first three guys got put on the wrong course by Zwift. This happens all the time. Glitch in the matrix and all! As you can see, Zwift is a work in progress :smile: Take the results with a grain of salt and keep on battling it out and improving that fitness :+1:


Yep, definitely started on time. Was in the starting pen and went off with everyone.

I don’t think the issue is with me being move backwards on the ranks, I see it as more of an issue with others moving forward when they haven’t completed the correct course, or have come in half way through.