No Late Join for TDZ

I was under a minute late to a TDZ stage and was not allowed to join. Please enable this feature for these rides. Thanks.

Hi there,

TDZ won’t have late join enabled for this year - we hope to have it available for future iterations.

It’s part of the reason why there is a 2 minute stagger between each category, so if you just miss group A, you can join B or C.

FWIW, I think I slipped through a timing crack on my Stage 2 ride doing this. Missed my scheduled ride, then picked one of the others. When I got in I think it had just taken off. I did the ride from that point but didn’t get credit for it. Not a big deal, I need more rides to do anyhow :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info and speedy reply, James+Zwift.