Taxc Vortex set up

(S Scott (FLOKI)) #1

Trying to get a set up that accurately gives me a true feel. (no cheating)

I must be doing something wrong?

This is what I have done and how it feels.

Ok I have scaled down difficulty on Zwift reduced my claimed weight to get an accurate feel.

I know how fast I go up a given grade and even taking 5kgs off my weight in game I am 3 to 4 kph slower up the steeper grades but roughly right on the rest.

I have no power meter just wondering if that would change things?

I am happy but I would love to keep up my pace to match as best i can with the real world. Also would be nice to better keep up match other riders as I find it hard to pace anyone…Hit a hill and bye bye…


All help greatly appreciated.

(Vincent Molenveld) #2

Can you find out what firmware is installed on your Vortex?
By using the Tacx Help Desk I have it updated from 0.2.6 to 0.2.7.

A quick check ride in Zwift gives a much better sense of Power and Speed. Before the update, the resistance was far too heavy.

(Rick Griffin) #3

Do you have the procedure on how to get 0.2.7 installed?  My Vortex is like riding through mud even at 0% incline, I could also tell something was way off when my speed in Zwift is 5-7km/h off of my bike computer.  Really hope I can get this sorted out.  I dropped a lot of money on this trainer.

(S Scott (FLOKI)) #4

Hi Vincent And Rick yes 0.2.7 is currently running I calibrated the vortex with the ipad app also made no difference. Agree with you Rick it is exactly like riding through mud. I played with all my Zwift settings and think I have found a equitable balance. I dropped 10 kg off my real life weight and dropped the difficulty setting back to close to nothing about 1/10 on scale.

It worked a treat speed is consistent to actual riding and hills feel spot on. Not the right way to do it and still on the harder side and easier to actually go for a real ride but its to make me stronger…Before I would get 1 lap in around Zwift island be in a lather of sweat and after being passed by everyone unable to hold a wheel i would just have to stop!

(Rick Griffin) #5

I tried to use the calibration tool and that was just an adventure. I can never get it between the lines. Said too tight so I loosened the tension but it throws an error when I get near the green.  Is there a way to calibrate the calibration tool? LOL, FML.   I’m gonna have to get in touch with TACX.

(Rick Griffin) #6

How did you guys get 0.2.7 installed?  I used the update app on my iPhone and it says 0.2.6 is current.  I’d like to try 0.2.7

(S Scott (FLOKI)) #7

I only got it to work once said it was between lines but I found it a bit vague.

Done on ipad.

I used the update tab on the ipad app with no issues.

(Rick Griffin) #8

For the benefit of anybody that may come across this post and has a Vortex, this is what I got back from TACX.  Going to give it a try…


Hi rick, you use the Utility app to update to FE-C host processor. The version 2.7 is the firmware in teh brake that make the smootness and wattage calculation better. But now that can only be updated via a PC
How does it work:

  1. Create a folder on C:\TTS4.16 full installer\
  2. Then download the link in that folder.
  3. Unzip the folder/extract the folder. Now you have the complete installation disc on your PC.
  4. Run the setup.exe. The software will be installed.

Then go to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Tacx\TacxTrainersoftware4\updater\Tacxupdate.exe and select Vortex and then select vortex brake (only works on Windows systems)