First time user questions

Hello all,

I got Tacx Vortex Smart for birthday present from my wife and today i did test ride. So pls bare with me that i have absolutley no expirience with trainers or Zwift.

Everything works like a charm and i already love it and can see my self working out over summer when it is way too hot to ride, or over winter when it is too cold. So great first expirience.

There is one thing that is bothering me. Speed is not realistic in Zwift as it is in real life. Lets say i ride bike on flat road, in both first gears. With my regular RPM rotation i go about 8km/h both by GPS strava and polar, and bike computer on bike it self.

When i do the same on Zwift, i go around 3km/h. And then km/h is wrong, Wattage is wrong and so and so.

So my question is is there some “calibration” that i can do or something else to get at least closer to realistic numbers?

I did calibration of Tacx but that is just to see is tension on wheel too much or too little. Updated Tacx also to latest FW.

Any help is aprishiated!

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