Tacx vortex power readings


i bought a vortex and have had a lot of issues with it…it’s worth mentioning that firmware is up to date.

most recently, I will start a ride and power reading will be normal but as soon as I put load through it the cadence reading goes completely crazy (over 160) and the power reading which should be up towards 300 doesn’t go over 200.

I have tried Zwift via an iPad as well as Mac so it’s not the dongle or cable.

also, weirdly, on the tacx utility app testing dashboard the readings are accurate so it would seem to be the communication between the vortex and Zwift that is the issue…

any suggestions welcome cos it has driven me nuts!




Sorry I should add that he resistance changes, it’s just the readings are off…


Very soon I replaced the cadence reading from Taxc to a cheap external Ant+ sensor.  The calculated values from Taxc, I could not trust.

Maybe this helps.