Tacx Neo Under Reports Power

Just did a search in the subject title and see numerous archived threads. I’ve just started on Zwift and have a Neo. I also have 3 bikes with power meters - 2 only 6 months old. All show very similar power differences to that displayed in Zwift via the Tacx. Most frustrating training rides ever.

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Check that both your Tacx and Zwift is set to the same display update frequency, instant may be the best option.

You can use Zwift power to compare your fit files.

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Thanks Gerrie, I will. Zwift update was set to 3 secs but have changed to instant. Not sure what you mean by having the same Tacx setting. I’m riding again tomorrow night and will try my luck connecting power to the Tacx as opposed to my quark PM.

a good way to check the power accuracy is to do a work out in zwift with erg mode on, have the neo connected as controllable and power source then record the power your power meter is reporting on some other device if possible.

see if the 30s average from your power meter shows the same as that segment of the workout should be showing (assuming it is longer than 30s)

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