Relative Power output - Tacx NEO

(Kev Peard (C) (NEO)) #1

I have recently upgraded to a Tacx Neo from a Tacx Fortius Power Back. The Fortius was probably technologically equivalent to what the NEO is now all those years back when it was released.
What I have found in general is, if we assume the NEO is accurately reporting power, I am constantly around 12% below my previous power output. I completed the Watopia Figure 8 last night in 50 mins vs my Fortius effort at 44 mins. I have also found that having worked up to the top of C band races (zwift power) I am now struggling to finish outside of the bottom few in the C band.
This is not really a problem from a training/fitness perspective, but it is an indication that, despite the efforts of the programmers, not all trainers are equal.
I would be interested to hear from others who may have made the change to NEO whether they are also struggling to keep up.

(Lin Alan) #2

I am on a Neo. I have two bikes, both of which have Power2Max crank power meters. Both bikes are within a couple watts of each other for equivalent times on multiple local climbs barring weather conditions. When I put them on the Neo, the power also matches up nicely with the Neo.

That said, I imagine your Fortius was reading high. Do you the another power meter on your bike you can use for comparison?

(Kev Peard (C) (NEO)) #3

Yes, this is what I am thinking; my Fortius was reading high. Maybe 200w for an hour is where I am.