Tacx genius smart VS Neo 2T

Just receiver my new trainer. After riding for years on a Tacx genius, I decided to buy a direct drive.

My first rides are completed, and there is a quite large difference between the old and new one. This isnt a problem, however I was wondering if this is the difference which could be expected.

My FTP on the wheels on trainer was 289 and on the Neo it is 245. Is this caused by a better accurracy? I have updated the Neo to latest firmware.

At least I do not have to switch to B class in races :joy:

You should be surprised the difference is not larger; any wheel-on trainer to a tacx neo is going to show a significant decrease in output.

Yes, I have both a Tacx Genius and a Tacx Neo (1), and big differences in power are possible. With proper calibration and the right tire pressure you can get the Genius reasonably accurate, to within 10-20W. But the watts also tend to drift, so just forget your old FTP values and PB’s and create some new ones on your Neo. It is far more accurate and I really love the fact that it is always accurate, without needing to calibrate it!

New goal: get back to 289 :joy:

Thank you for the responses.

Perhaps there is something wrong. Starting whistling during the entire training (not only at 34km/h). This does not feel right after just three rides. Made a RMA today. hopefully the next one is better :see_no_evil: