Huge watt difference between two smart trainers

(Kilian) #1

I have two smart trainers, Tacx Vortex and Tacx Neo. Trainers are calibrated and current software is installed.
So now i have a ftp difference of 120 watt.
If more riders have the same issue, races cant be fair.

(James Carr) #2

Is your vortex over reporting power and is 120W too high?
That would be bad, I have a vortex and an FTP of around 120W :slight_smile:

But seriously I do wonder how accurate my vortex is with no independent means of calibration. I tend to treat my watts as vortex watts rather than real SI units, with the aim to increase my relative performance.

But I agree if you are racing then having good accurate numbers is important.

I would be interested to hear from any vortex users who have managed to compare the power reported from the back wheel on the vortex to a trusted second source such as pedals or hub.

(Johnathan Freter [DRAFT]) #3

Sounds like a faulty trainer or poor calibration. My bet is that your Neo is more correct than your vortex.

(Nigel Doyle) #4

They aren’t. That’s why results should include the make and model of trainer in my opinion.