Tacx Neo - Can you reduce overall resistance/drag?

I just purchased the Tacx Neo and when riding in Zwift the resistance is quite high, even when on flat [0 degree inclines].  Does anyone know of a way to scale back that resistance a bit so I can ride in more comfortable gearing?

  • I know that there is a slider as far as the elevation/hill climbing resistance.  I’m looking to reduce the overall drag it’s creating.


Please help!  Thank you!!

I tied zwift for the first time today and I’m also getting this. On a flat the resistance is high, even in the small ring I’m doing about 25mph @ 70rpm!

Did you find a solution?

Have you been playing with the neo via some other means of controlling it? I found after I adjusted the resistance of my Neo via my Garmin 520 at a turbo session, and left it a couple of notches up, when I started Zwift, it took that as the baseline - so everything felt like I was pushing several gears harder. Go back in with the Garmin and set it back to zero resistance, and all will be well again.

I can’t control mine with my Garmin as it’s only a 510, but I may have had it connected with the tacx phone app earlier on. I’ll connect with the phone app and make sure the resistance is right before I start zwift next time.

Thanks for your help.