Tacx Genius help

(Brandi Rae) #1

Hi! Looking to grab a tacx genius from a seller. The seller says that the model is a
smart compatible . It is 2 years old. He says it is a 2080 model. Im not so convinced as the pictures are missing the decal that suggests the model would be the smart 2080. Can someone please help???

(Tomas) #2

It looks the same as my genius 2080! I would recommend some sort of power meter as these wheel on trainers are very inaccurate,as you say there are a decal missing,dont know why,are there unsmart genius?

(Tomas) #3

(Brandi Rae) #4

On your picture that’s the decal im looking for. Bluetooth and ant+… my picture doesn’t have it. So what’s going on here??

(Tomas) #5

Ask for a picture of the decal with serial number and brake unit name etc below the on/off switch,i suspect this is a older t2000 genius version.

(Brandi Rae) #6

Thanks so much!!! Brilliant!!!