TACX I-GENIUS T2020 - doubt of purchase

Someone asks me a question,
I can’t find anything on google regarding the T2020 model.
I researched some things here, but all very old.

A friend is selling a Model I-GENIUS T2020 roll.

Does it have ant + or BLUETOOH connection?

I saw that to have this connection you need to exchange a piece of equipment that costs more than $ 200?

Can someone help me?

From what I can see, it has an ANT+ connection (no BT), but no F-EC profile, so it can’t be controlled by apps like Zwift. There was a “Smart” conversion kit 4-5 years ago, that added the required electronics to make it interactive (i.e. allow trainer load to be controlled via ANT+), but that’s not available since years.

I understand, is using the BKOOL application to convert ANT + to ANT + FE-C right? hehehehhe

I’ll get it tomorrow and test it.

I don’t see how an application could “convert ANT+ to ANT +FE-C”; if the trainer is not (electronically) set up to accept trainer load commands from the ANT+ channel, I fail to see how an external app could do it. That generation of Tacx trainers (pre-“Smart”) used a Tacx proprietary protocol over a USB connection to pass the commands from a desktop app (the famous and infamous TTS4) to the trainer. There are some home-grown hacks, mostly using a Raspberry Pi, that create a BT/ANT+ interface to that USB connection; but I would not put a lot of money in a trainer that does not come with an ANT+ and/or BT interface out-of-the box unless you want to navigate that hack universe.