Tacx Galaxia rollers

Coming to the end of the trial period.

Considering subscribing.

I want to use my Tacx Galaxia rollers dumb rollers with Zwift. I have been connected using speed and cadence sensors however i know these arnt accurate for Power Output.

I am considering purchasing a crank arm power meter for my bike. Would a crank arm power meter on my rollers be more accurate than cadence and speed sensors?

And if a Power Meter is the way to go. Would a left side Uno power meter be good enough or should i go for Duo both sides power meter?



Hi Anthony,
rollers with a power meter can be a lot of fun. I think so anyway.

A power meter should give you better accuracy than your present setup.
The only down side to your setup might be that at some point you could
need more resistance, (so that you can put down more power) as I think
I’m correct in saying, that the Tacx Galaxia’s do not have any resistance settings.

This could be a possible future problem for you, depending on what
you want to do on Zwift.

I can’t really say what power meter to get, maybe check out DC Rainmaker.
His site is really good for cycle tech info. I’m happy using Powertap.

Hope to see you out on your rollers.
Cheers and “Ride On”

PS sprinting on rollers could be a challenge/fun/impossible (you choose)