Crank power meter vs trainer power meter

Sorry if it’s not directly Zwift-related.

I though I’d compare my power readings from my Stages L with my Tacx Flux S but even if both were calibrated, the crank showed much higher readings (talking 200W vs 260W). The value from the Tacx felt right. And my Stages feels right when riding on the road. Is there something intrinsically different when using both?

A bit strange since the Stages should register the power applied to the crank.

There will be a slight loss of power through the drivetrain, so you would expect the crank to read slightly higher than the trainer. But not a difference like that.

Do you know if you might have a significant L/R power imbalance? Because your L crank is reading the power there and doubling it, so it will exaggerate any L/R imbalance.

Only a few percent, tops. And the difference appeared to escalate when the power when up. And I rolled for about a minute so it wasn’t just a lag. I had the Stages connected to my Edge, I’ll have a look at the paring view the next time.

No big issue, I’ll just use the trainer power meters, just curious to know how they compare.

Of course, I could stick with the Stages and suddenly, cranking out 350W for 20 minutes is no problem! :wink: