Power Meter, Flux and the App

I recently upgraded my smart trainer from a Tacx wheel on to a Tacx Flux.

I generally do workouts with ERG mode and I noticed that with the Flux the power seems to vary wildly compared to the old wheel on trainer. With the 3 sec average mode on it makes no odds (in fact I always have that one), and the power reading changes every second on the screen.

I now have a Stages power meter so I decided to use that for the power reading so i was consistent inside and outside. I have the same issue as above, there appears to be no 3 sec average, but worse the power readings on the mobile app are always different to the power readings on the screen. This causes an issue when doing a workout and say i’m looking at the app rather than the screen it says i need to up power but the screen is at the power etc etc

Any ideas?

Hi Craig,

There’s a few things you can check:

  1. Check and make sure you’ve updated all your Zwift devices to make sure they’re current with the latest available versions of the Zwift and Zwift Companion apps.
  2. Check the Tacx Utility app and makes sure you’ve got the most current firmware for the Tacx Flux smart trainer.
  3. Also check and make sure the Tacx Flux is properly calibrated, which you should also be able to do from the Tacx app.

When you say there’s “no 3 sec average”, are you referring to the ‘Power Display’ settings from the Settings Menu in-game? If so, is your Power Display configured for ‘3 sec avg’ or ‘Instant’? If it’s set to Instant, try switching to ‘3 sec avg’ and see if that works better for you. Let me know how it goes!