Tacx Flux S update froze, now trainer wont work

Today i run update for my Tacx Flux S in android utility app. It got stuck on uploading for like 10 minutes so i cancelled it. Now my trainer wont work with any app, power led is orange (software issues?). Zwift and Tacx can both find it, but no output while pedalling, no watts, no speed, nothing… In utility app it connects fine, but update now says its up to date (3.3.40 / 1.1.3). I also tried facotry reset in app, and it did nothing, still on 3.3.40 / 1.1.3. Is there anything i can do? Like manually download old firmware and flash it, or repair the new update. Thanks for help.

I would suggest contacting Garmin support: https://support.garmin.com/

Posted it on Tacx, Garmin and here … guess most ppl use Zwift so someone here could have same problem.


Did you fix it? I just have the same issue. It’s connected with zwift on Apple TV but don’t send any information.

Yes, both Garmin and Tacx sent the firmware file. Flashed it with Tacx app and it worked.

Can you share the firmware file? How can you install it? I have the same problem here. It got stuck during an update and nothing works anymore…

I can FW you the support e-mail, but dont see e-mail in zwift profile… maybe im blind…

Hi Marek can you send me the file too, my flux 2 its crazy. Thanks

I’ve ignored my trainer for 2 days and tried again afterwards. Strangely it works now :thinking:.
Anyway, thanks!

Hi Marek, could you please share the FW to jabuinn@gmail.com?
And how to flash flux s?

Hi Marek, could you please share the FW to me too?
My e-mail is sergiocozzetti@yahoo.com.br
How to install it if my trainer does not connect with app?

Hi Marek, could you please share the FW to ct1ehm@gmail.com and how to flash flux s?
Thanks in advance.
Best wishes.

He hasn’t been ‘seen’ in the forum since April 5, best to just do what he did and contact tacx support.

I was just having the same Issue, Flux stuck at amber light, then when trying to update, stuck at Tacx utility. I asked service but no reply. I make it work using the same iPad i use to zwift, i was trying to update With a galaxy note 9 before but possible that some App is using Bluetooth on the background and cause it to stuck. Installed tacx utility on iPad and worked fINE since first time, NOW everything glowing green and blue and perfect connection.

Finally the iPad got useful, for other thing than zwift!! Lol


Hi my Tacx flow has the same issue can you email me the link / support email also please to leeharris24@sky.com



Can you still forward the support email?


Thanks a lot

Hello Marek
Just having the same issue. COuld you please forward me also the email for sorting it out. Xavier_loison@hotmail.com Thanks in advance

Could you email me the firmware please hopkinson253@btinternet.com

Hi Marek, could you please share the FW to queirozlago@gmail.com and how to flash flux s?
Thanks in advance.
Best wishes.
António Queiroz (Portugal)