Tacx Flux S resistance does not match slope

After an update on my smarttrainer Taxc Flux S the resistance does not agree with the slope. On a flat stroke my smartrainer thinks there is a slope. On a slope it is sometimes the opposite.

Callibration those not work either. Other cycling apps are working good, only a problem in Zwift.

Almost one year there were no problems. Just after the update from Taxc.

Hi @Benjamin_Terpstra_PA welcome to Zwift forums.
Are you in a workout using ERG mode? Or a free ride in simulation mode? If you’re in a workout, things are working as they should.

If you’re in in ERG mode, the workout sets a wattage target that you’re trying to hit. The slope of the hill will not play a role in the resistance you feel in ERG mode. Some more information about this on our Support Hub.

It’s only in Simluation mode when the the resistance will match the slope of the hill.

Also: it’s generally better to calibrate your trainer with the manufacturer’s app instead of Zwift.

The problem is in simulation mode. Before the update from Tacx there was no problem.

I used Zwift 1,5 year very well. Everything was good.

Greetings Benjamin


I’m wondering if this would be resolved if you rolled back the Tacx firmware? The Garmin / Tacx support forum has some discussion about how to do this.

Thank, you, i think it will help. I see the same problem is mentioned on the forum. I’am not the only one…