Tacx Flux S not connecting to Zwift Mac desktop

Hi there,

I bought a Tacx Flux S almost 2 weeks ago. On the very first day I was able to connect Zwift on Macbook to the turbo trainer.
However, after that, I downloaded Tacx App desktop and on phone I downloaded Zwift, Zwift companion and Tacx Training. Ever since I simply can’t connect the Macbook to the turbo, only with the phone (OnePlus 6).
The Zwift desktop keeps searching for the turbo but it never finds it. Tacx desktop on the other hand, is able to connect to the turbo, so only Zwift is having issues connecting to it

On the phone both Zwift and Zwift companion work fine to find the turbo but I can’t “forget device” because it doesn’t connect to the phone, only to the apps.
I can run Zwift Companion on phone and connect to Zwift Desktop but I wanted to be able to connect to desktop only.
Already tried:

  • Removing all apps from computer and phone
  • Update Tacx firmware to latest version but nothing changed.

Anyone have any idea of how to fix this?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Frederico_Camargo welcome to the Zwift forums.

Bluetooth creates 1 to 1 connections, meaning that if it’s connected to your Macbook directly, the signal is not available to the Zwift app running on that Macbook. If it’s paired to the MacOS, please go into your settings and “forget” that sensor to allow the Zwift app to see it.

Similarly, if the Bluetooth signal is paired to the Tacx app - the Zwift app will not be able to pair to it

Would you verify that you’ve done these steps?

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Hi @shooj, thanks for the response.
So the turbo only connected to Tacx desktop app to be visible on Mac, so once connected I pressed “option” key > bluetooth> remove/ forget Tacx turbo trainer.
Rebooted the computer and tried Zwift, still didn’t work.
I now removed Tacx App from computer to see if it works and still didn’t.
Is there a way to factory reset the turbo trainer?

By any chance, is the trainer still paired to the Zwift app on your phone? You can not have more than one instance of the Zwift app running at the same time.

I’m not familiar enough with the Tacx trainer to say if this is possible. This may be a question to ask on the Tacx / Garmin support site.

@shooj no, the trainer is not paired, I removed the Zwift app from phone, so it can’t connect it anymore.
The problem I’m also facing now is that whenever I start Zwift companion app + zwift desktop and go for a ride, the cyclist doesn’t move and numbers remain at zero apart from the Watts.
I have no idea what to do to fix all these issues.
Thank you

Hello @Frederico_Camargo, have you tried the steps on this support page?

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