Tacx flux 2 power issue

During my last training I have some power issue that block me to reach requested power.
Let me explain what appears:
From 2 weeks all was fin during my ride
Calibrate my Tacx with tacx app before every ride and all firmware up to date
Launch Zwift on my pc and compagnon on my iPhone
The Tacx is connected thru compagnon on my iPhone attached to my handlebar.

During training I was not able to reach the requested power, had to stop and reactivate Tacx connexion again and wait 1 mn to have the power back. Than suddenly no power at all …
The only solution was to close companion an redo all linkage as the tacx connection was lost…

This WE the solution was to switch of my computer, close compagnon and use Zwift on my iPhone only
I have been working since 1 week like that and I do not get why I have the issue.
I really hope you can help me resolving this issue.

Regard and many thanks for your great app

After applied requested BT upgrade I have the same issue today during a training, was unable to maintain required wattage and it was flapping from 0 to 200 like crazy. I need to reboot HT 2 times and close companion several time.
My garmin HR belt was deconected again and again.
But all was working fine yesterday…

Can’t get why, disapointed …