Tacx Flux S power fluctuation

Been using a Tacx Flux S on Zwift for a few months, mainly using my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10e) using ANT+ to connect. Did a group session 3 days ago, worked fine during the intervals, but in the cooldown the power and cadence suddenly started fluctuating from 50-2000 watts, although the resistance on the turbo wasn’t changing. Tried a turbo 1 day ago but same situation with the power fluctuating significantly.
Attempted to calibrate the turbo but now not able to find the turbo via ant+, only bluetooth, which is temperamental and frequently drops out, with the same power problem occurring. Tried several times to calibrate the turbo using the Tacx utilities app, but the app just says there is a calibration error and to try again. There’s no update available for the turbo on the app, but i doubt it would stay connected long enough to update anyway. Attempted to connect using my laptop via direct bluetooth and via the companion app but still having the same problem of fluctuating power, so at a loss of what to do next. Thought it might be that i need to get an ANT+ USB that i can put close to the turbo but given i started having the problem in the middle of a session with nothing changing I’m not convinced, would really appreciate any advice/help anyone can give me! Thank you!

Hi having same issues i re installed the software for both tacx and zwift, turned off companion app on phone and made sure no bluetooth devices were enabled in garage except the turbo.I also have placed a small fan at the rear of the turb to cool the Disk wheel and it seems to have worked had no drop outs since hope that helps

Hi Paul, thanks for the tips I’ll give them a go!