Tacx Flux 2 -powe issues

Just upgraded my turbo to Tacx Flux2. Calibrated in tacx utilities and updated firmware. In erg mode Zwift all over the place which did not happen with my tacx vortex trainer. Also power has dropped from 275 watts ftp to 186 and can’t perform even recovery rides as too hard. Has anyone experienced this or can advise. Power stats of 275 are accurate to the road so have lost 90 watts with the upgrade. Can’t also team time trail with club friends as cannot now keep up. Wondering if turbo is faulty or am I not setting up properly? S

How do you measure your power on the road? You can use that same power meter to check you trainer.

Hi Gerrie, thanks I have crank based power meter on my road bike

That is perfect @Simon_Page_WaldenTRI.

You can do a Zwift event and record the crank power on your garmin and the trainer on Zwift. then use Zwift power to compare the difference.

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Thanks Gerrie