Zwift + Tacx Flux 2 + Garmin

Hi all,

New Zwiftie here. I linked my Tacx Flux 2 to Zwift and my head unit just for me to easily follow my data. However, Zwift is showing consistently lower power than my Garmin when connected to the same unit (Tacx Flux 2). I have calibrated the trainer before each ride, both are 3 sec power averages but they never match. Only concerned since Zwift is showing consistently lower powers (20-40 watts) compared to my Garmin. Theoretically they should be displaying the same numbers if they are both connected to the same power source (Tacx). Please help if anyone knows any possible solutions!


the Flux 2 is equipped with a bigger and stronger resistance unit and a heavier flywheel. Confusing naming conventions aside, the Flux 2 is a solid trainer, significantly stouter than the budget-level

Any idea on why my Garmin is reporting higher numbers than Zwift, when both the Garmin and Zwift are connected to the same bike trainer? What I’m confused on is the reporting of power from the exact same device (Flux 2).