Zwift wattage lower than Stages Power Meter

(George Muenz) #1

Not sure of this is a Zwift issue or a TACX Flux issue. When I first started doing Zwift rides with the Flux, the Power on Zwift was fairly close to the Stages Power Meter data readings. I guess it might not be a Zwift issue since it gets the Power information from the Flux?

Today, the Zwift Power was 20-30W lower than what the Stages PM on my Garmin was reading. I calibrated before the ride and then 30 minutes in. At one point in my 90 minute Free Ride, the wattage was stuck on 169W on Zwift for a bit, till I stopped and then started again. 

I guess I should try it for a few more days and see if this is an ongoing issue, 


I should probably also have TACX Utility going so I can see if the Power is similar to Zwift readings or the Stages. 

(Jason K) #2

Sounds like you’ve already figured this out, but yes, Zwift only reads power from the devices you pair; so if you’re seeing differences between your Flux and your Stages, that’s purely a power measurement difference between the two of them.