Tacx Flux 2 - Need some assistance - thanks!

Hello all! I’m really enjoying this trainer. I ride mostly on the highest gear and really grind out, which I think my body is made for. However, on the lower gears, I’m really “spinning” instead of grinding, even at just one gear lower than the top one!

Is this just how this trainer functions? Or have I set it up wrong? I’m spinning @ around 60 rpm, which I know is not high, but it really feels like I’m spinning against air!

Thanks for you time :smiley: And very best regards,

  1. Do you have the trainer paired as controllable?
  2. Are you using ANT+ or Bluetooth?
  3. What platform are you using (PC, Mac etc)?
  4. What’s your Trainer Difficulty setting at present?
  5. Is this in a workout or free ride?

Post a pic of your pairing screen if you’re not sure on some of these.

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by highest gear do you mean hardest or easiest? So are lower gears meant to be easier or harder?