Tacx flow smart watt problème

Bonjour, j’ai un problème car depuis quelques jours mon home trainer Tacx flow smart que je calibre sur l’application Tacx utility m’affiche des watt qui ne correspondent plus. Dans l’application tacx je peux tenir 170watt facilement alors que dans Zwift 150w est déjà compliqué, j’ai besoin d’aide

Hi Elie, welcome to the forums. It’s always frustrating when your power numbers don’t quite match up with what you expect them to be. Apart from the power not matching up with the Tacx app are the numbers consistent with what you’ve been seeing on Zwift in the past or have they changed? Also, are you seeing this while free riding or are you using ERG mode with structured workouts?

Hello after several tests I noticed that my on home trainer was not displaying the same wattage and a calibration error in tacx utility when I was using the ERG mode of Zwift, do you have any solutions

It’s hard to measure power accuracy between different apps without a second power meter because of fluctuation in variables than can impact your power output, but Zwift uses the power numbers that the trainer sends as-is. Using ERG mode reduces at least some of those since it puts the resistance control up to the trainer so the same workout block with the same gearing and cadence should feel the same no matter what app you’re using. Generally making sure your trainer’s firmware is up to date and calibrating every time you move the trainer is all you need to keep your trainer reporting accurately.