Tacx Bushido “slipping”

I have a tacx bushido smart when pedalling flat sections it’s fine, but throw and incline at it (6% seems to be the start of problems) and the magnet seems to slip for 1/4 revolution it’s like pedalling squares.
Has anyone had this issue ? Does anyone have a solution?

So this is usually a tyre that isn’t inflated to the recommended pressure (100 or 110) or the knob hasn’t been tightened by the correct number of turns (it might say on the trainer or in the manual).

If it’s not that then I don’t know.

Ben thanks for the feedback, I don’t think (99 percent) the tyre is slipping it seems to be the magnetic resistance slipping

Did you find a solution for this? Over 7% my Bushido pedals squares / slips (not tire slip). Thanks.

I had a similar issue to this. Feels like it’s virtual tyre slip. (Search for a tacxfaqx page called “Virtual Tyre Slip Explained” to read more in the context of the Tacx Neo)

Essentially, at low wheel speeds, the trainer is unable to provide sufficient torque to provide the power resistance being demanded so the magnetic brake becomes overwhelmed and will remove all resistance thus 5 the feeling of slipping on pedal strokes. The solution I found is, counter intuitively compared to what you’d do in the real world, go UP a gear or two so the wheel spins faster and the turbo can provide the power resistance whilst remaining within its torque range.