Resistance problems (Tacx Neo 2)


Within the last 20 days I have started to experience the resistance problem on my Taxc Neo 2 home trainer.

When I cycle up hills I feel that the resistance comes and goes. It’s as if the resistance disappears for 1/8 second (every second) which makes it suddenly very easy to pedal. It makes cycling extremely uneven.

As I said, it’s something completely new that I have never experienced before on my trainer.

I use Tacx Neo 2, Blietooth, Zwift, latest firmwire, Macbook (latest OS).

Happens in Meetup and races.

Help is warmly welcomed.

for starters if you haven’t changed anything take it for a free ride and see if it happens there too - if it does then I would think it is the trainer with the problem

If it is only on hills link below might be one reason. Have you changed your gearing recently or hill climb pedalling style/cadence?

Hi both. Thank you very much.

The odd thing is that I havn’t changed anything. No gear change, update etc.

It just occurred 20 days ago and only on my trainer, when I ride uphill.

I have read about the “Virtual tire slip”, but it just seems odd that it suddenly occurred. It went from being the “perfect trainer” to near useless in a day.

Did you change your weight…heavier riders have more Tire Slip.

I have this on my Neo2T since Day 1 at 80kg.

I noticed that if i lower to around 80% Gradient simulation the slip is gone.
In races i don’t use more that 30% cause shifting gears will drop you places.

Hi Dejan. Thank you.

No, I did not change my weight or gradient simulation. But perhaps I should try to lower the gradient simulation and see if that fixes the problem. Just weird that it just occurred suddenly after using the trainer for years.