Tablet Android Samsung A not working with Zwift

I’m very disappointed, I used a Huawei Tablet with only 16 GB. On this Tablet Zwift worked ok, but as longer as I used the Zwift app crashed during the training. Therefore I bought a Samsung Tablet A with much more memory and processor power. Unfortantely Zwift doesn’t support the Samsung tablet A. On Zwift homepage is written you need Android higher 7.0 and min. 4 GB Memory thats it, nothing ist written that Tablet A is not supported. I spend a lot of money in Tablets and much time to test and figured out that SamsunfgTablet A is not running with Zwift.

Do you have any advice or should I change to Tacx app?

If you search the forum you’ll find countless posts regarding Tab As. You’re out of luck unfortunately.