T.O.W. Rookie Stage 2 unavailable

I missed stage 2 of the Tour of Watopia and would like to do a makeup. I’ve been doing the Rookie “E” rides but find no option for that. I see an ability to sign up for the A or B group but not the C or E groups. The E group is listed but there is no ability to sign up for it in spite of the calendar on the T.O.W. page showing the stage 2 makeup would be April 23 - 29. Have I missed a window for signing up?

It doesn’t look like they are doing rookie rides during the make up week. But don’t let that stop you! Join any stage 2 event that works for your schedule, A cat is the longer route, B is the shorter route. C is women’s only, so you can’t sign up for that one.

Just ride your pace, dont worry about what others are doing.


thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear that news. The first stage I did was with the B group and I found that simply demoralizing but after realizing I could sign up for the E group I continued on. Had I known there would be no makeup for the E group I would not have bothered to continue. There really is a point to having those different classifications and I’m a pretty good example of that. Maybe I’ll sign up with the B group. I doubt it. I can ride by myself anytime which is more fun than joining a group of folks riding at 2.5 and greater w/kg. Oh well. Next time I’ll know better than to sign up for something like this.



Don’t be demoralized. What you need to do is sign up for the first day events with, sometimes, 1,000s of riders. Don’t worry there will be others your speed. Another member of my household is a newb and I have been coaching them through the ToW. There has always been a group riding their pace.

Same here, I was also counting on Rookie makeup rides to complete the tour.