System requirements question



I hope this isn’t an annoying question.  I have the option to buy this laptop for 220$.  Want to see if you guys think it will run Zwift well enough or not.

specs are as follows. 

ASUS K42J Intel i5, 8GB Ram

Intel core i5
8GB DDR3 Ram
Nvidia GT 335M 1GB Video Card
1366*768 HD Resolution
HDMI Output



Maybe this will help you:

You are good to go!

Will Zwift run on a Linux box?  I just purchased an Alianware Alpha with a Steam (Linux) operating system.  Zwift isn’t available through Steam and I’m having trouble downloading and installing Adobe Flash which is required to run Zwift.

Should I load Windows 10 on the Alianware box or send it back?

Thanks for your help

D Shutt

Zwift will not run on Linux and there are no plans at the moment to port it over.

Zwift works great on Windows 10.