Pc requirements

(Dave Anstey) #1

Hi I’m trying to find a cheap laptop that will run Zwift as my current one doesn’t have a decent graphics card.

i’m not an IT expert, so could someone give me an example of one from a UK website? I see several that have an Intel HD card on Ebuyer but I still don’t know whether this will meet the Zwift spec. 






(Jon Mayfield) #2

I’m not sure such a thing exists as a cheap laptop with a decent graphics card for games, but if you must go with a laptop at £350’ish or less then I’d lean towards a laptop with an AMD A8 or A10 processor and an “R5” or “R7” graphics chip.  In both cases the higher numbers are better.  At the very lowest end AMD graphics are better than Intel.  Zwift will run at it’s minimal quality settings on these devices.

If your budget is slightly higher, the cheapest alienware alpha for £498 on amazon will play Zwift amazingly well, but you’ll need to supply the monitor or TV for it to plug into.  Zwift will run at high quality on that machine.