Syncing Custom Workouts

I’m able to create custom workouts on my iPad but these don’t sync to my other devices (image 1 is my iPad and image 2 my iPhone). I’m certain I’ve read that they should be syncing. Ideally and usually I use Apple TV for all my Zwifting. Am I missing something?

Hi @MarkSmithWLC

Sorry to hear that you’re having some workout syncing issues. Once you’ve created the workout on your iPad, save it, then log out and close the Zwift app fully.

Make sure that Zwift is fully closed out on your iPhone and Apple Tv. We’ve noticed on Apple devices that the Zwift app gets backgrounded instead of closing out. Make sure that this hasn’t happened on your iPhone and Apple Tv. Once you’ve checked that it’s fully closed out, relaunch the app on your iPad and check that the custom workout is there, then fully close out the app on the iPad.

You should be able to then launch the app on the iPhone or Apple Tv and the custom workout(s) should show up.

Is this being worked on? that’s a pretty serious set of hoops to jump through for a basic feature.

Ideally, if the Zwift app is always closed out properly on the devices you use, this shouldn’t be the procedure every time. Was merely giving some steps to try and troubleshoot the syncing issue.

As long as the app is always closed out when you’re done, and not backgrounded, then when you create a workout on one device, it should upload to our servers. Then when you launch the app on a diff device, that workout should show up. But if the app on the different device was only backgrounded, then it doesn’t have a fresh connection to our servers, and that workout won’t show up. I hope that makes more sense.

In my experience the sync to server only happens when you relaunch the app on the same device, not when you close it after creating the workout.

So in order to sync to another device I needed to:

  1. Create the workout
  2. Close the app
  3. Relaunch the app on the same device where the workout was created (at this point the workout is uploaded to server)
  4. Launch the app on another device

I have only used Windows and Android devices though. It may be different with other devices.

I’m 100% OK with workarounds and keeping people happily riding, but having to close or restart the app to save a custom workout is a bug. When you click save it should save and sync, whether you close the app or not. This is the contract users expect from a “save” button. It should not be necessary to take any additional steps.

Hi John. I’ve tried your suggestion but my custom workouts are still only available on my iPad and not syncing with either my iPhone or Apple TV.

Hi @MarkSmithWLC

Sorry to hear that didn’t work, could you reach out to my colleagues at Zwift support, something is not working as it should and we need to isolate what the issue could be. As long as you’re logged out on your other devices, the steps that @oldnapalm mentioned should have worked.