Switching between activities

How do i switch between activities without logging off & having to relog back in.
If “just riding” & then try to do a workout I’m asked to end ride, at which point it throws me out & I have to go through the rigmarole of waiting for it to load again.
Can I simply switch from one activity to another without the faff?

Simply is relative…
You can do it with a meet-up, I do it often (you can also ride in all worlds anytime you want). I think it is simple, when using Companion App.

You can press “E” on your keyboard or go to menu and select the workout menu and do your workout.

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Thanks. I’ll try again but when I did just that (I.e. go to workouts & choose one) it wouldn’t let me start it until I ended the current ride. When I did, it threw me out of the app.

Try it, I do it almost every day. I do a bit of warmup while answering forum posts and catching up on news then I press E pick my workout and off we go.