I know pretty small market but to be able to swim and or row with a row machine or a vasa swim erg would be wonderful

I think once running has been fully implemented the next sport to be looked at will be rowing. Eric Min has certainly suggested that rowing is an area of opportunity in the future.

Yeah, rowing is almost certainly coming. In the Zwiftcast special with Eric Min back in November, he said:

I know that Jon is already thinking very much about rowing. We’ve had conversations with federations, and rowing is not this massive market but there is a very, very vibrant indoor market already; CRASH-Bs, right? So could we become the platform for this indoor rowing market? Absolutely. I’m surprised that someone doesn’t own that space yet, but… as soon as we make our way into the rowing market I can only imagine that we’ll encourage innovation around rowing machines.

Listen from 15:35 in the episode:

IIRC somewhere else in the interview he said he thought rowing was around “a year and a half out”. So probably not coming in 2019, but quite possibly in 2020.

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