Swift Companion connection issue

I am using an Apple 4k TV which is connected via ethernet and the companion app on iPhone 11. I sometimes have wifi signal issues with the phone so have connected phone onto same ethernet as Apple TV but it will not now connect the trainer etc to the game. Does the app need to be on wifi!! and if not what is wrong here. As soon as I unplug ethernet from phone and turn wifi back on it connects. Any suggestions as I thought the app connection was via Bluetooth to the Apple TV and not wifi.
Just to confirm Apple TV and iPhone are connected to same ethernet so on same network, I turn wifi off when ethernet connected.

The companion app communicate to the ATV over Wifi.

Thanks, looks like I just spent £80 on a Belkin Adaptor for nothing :confounded:

On thing to watch out for when using your cell phone and Wi-Fi for the companion app is the companion app switching network. Specifically in my case the Companion app would connect to mobile data instead of Wi-Fi and this would cause a dropout. So my drop-outs were due to this network “switching”.

In settings on your iPhone you can force the companion app to use Wi-Fi by disabling mobile data

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Or turn off Wifi Assist, to stop the phone doing this.

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or use an old phone without a sim :wink:

agreed the phone switching to mobile data is more than likely the issue, turning the phone mobile data off is the best action