Sweepers don't see their own messages in chat

Hey! Since the last update sweepers can’t see their own messages in the chat. This has happened on several rides with several different sweepers & different clubs.

During the ride you can post messages, but they won’t show up for you in the chat. The others can usually see them, but often only after around 15-20 minutes.
This has happened at least on the following rides:

EVO CC Flux Ride [1.5 - 2.0w/kg avg] (D) 5/20/2021
Sweeper: Marek Polacek

EVO CC Flux Ride [1.5 - 2.0w/kg avg] (D) 5/24/2021
Sweeper: Enrico “Groot” Nx [EVO]

EVO CC Flux Ride [1.5 - 2.0w/kg avg] (D) 5/25/2021
Sweeper: Greg SHED Hibbert [EVO]

SZR Sunrise Ride (C) 5/25/2021
Sweeper: Robin Astle

As you can imagine it’s a bit confusing and it makes the sweeper’s job much more difficult, so it would be really appreciated if you could find a fix for this issue soon.
Thanks in advance for all your help!

Are you saying it isn’t fixed in the current update (came out today for PC/Mac)? There release notes indicate this update is supposed to fix this issue

My sweep did not have this issue this morning. Hopefully it’s squashed.