Not seeing Ride leader or messages in group rides

I applied the latest update on the 22nd of Jan. I use a MS Surface with an i5-7300U CPU 2.6Ghz and 8Gb Ram. I use the Android Companion App on a Samsung S8 phone.

On 23rd I joined the EVO 160k B ride, there was a C ride going off 2 minutes later, there was 290ish people that joined the B ride.
In the pen I could not see the yellow beacon - there was a red beacon but no yellow.
It turns out that the leader was there, but I think that anyone outside of the first 100 (assumed number, could have been more, could have been less) to join weren’t seeing him or his messages.
The Red beacon clearly wasn’t seeing his messages either because as we set off he assumed that he had to change is role and instead of sweeping would need to lead.
As he moved up through the pack at some point he got close enough to the leader to see him - I still couldn’t see him but the sweeps messages showed that he could now see a leader and was moving back to the rear of the pack.
It was 24 minutes in to the ride before I saw the leader - or any of his messages, and I think that happened because as the weep had done before, I had moved up far enough through the group to be within 100 riders of the leader.
From that point on, apart from a brief (few seconds) period I could always see the yellow beacon and his messages.
However everyone, including the yellow beacon could only see the messages from the nearest riders to them.

Also through the ride some of the B group were seeing some messages from the C group that started 2 minutes later.

From the release notes for the latest update it suggests that the update has amended group rides to restrict the number of riders they can see to avoid some issues, but this seems to have also removed the ability for them to see the messages of anyone outside of that smaller group as well - including the yellow beacon until they have got close enough to them for them to be within side whatever that magic number is.