Hi - I have a Suunto training watch and looking to add the Suunto Bike Sensor but keen to know whether its compatible with Zwift?

I believe it is and I think @Gerrie_Delport has used one.

Thanks Paul.

Suunto Bike sensor works with Zwift. Just tried it. Only downside is that apparently bike sensor cannot send data to two devices simultaneously. At least I could not get any cadence data to watch while using Zwift. When closing Zwift, cadence to watch worked fine.


How did you connect, please? I have the bike sensor and just new to Zwift. Thank you. @Tommi_Kukkurainen

Hi Lori
What I did I just activate the Bike pod by rotating pedals while Zwift was scanning the aux devises. I have Elite Suito trainer and Zwift found both Elite and Suunto bike pod for cadence. I just selected Suunto bike pod. Hope this helps. Ask more details if needed.

Hi Tommi, I’m trying to work with My Suunto Spartan Sport data and Zwift at same time but as you said before, apparently the cadence and speed as well as my power pod or pair with one or another. If i leave Zwift the Suunto reassume the data From them. Unfortunately Both Giving data in real time i can’t get. Is there any well to solve this?

Hi Rick.
I haven’t found the way to fix this Suunto bike pod issue. It is pairing only to one device, either to my Suunto watch or IPad where I run Zwift. I am ok with that since Elite Suito trainer is collecting also cadence and send it to Zwift. So currently I am collecting cadence to both Suunto watch and Zwift. Seems that Suunto pod and trainer have almost 1:1 cadence data.

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Hey all
I am using Zwift with Suunto Bikepod sensor. My cadence bounces and drops to 0 rpm while cycling. I just get a NEW Bikepod sensor but still with the same problem. Have anyone experience such issue with Suunto?

Hi Tommi,

I assume your watch can connect to sensors with BLE only.
If that is the case, then that’s apparently the limitation of Bluetooth protocol in the sensor.
While there are some exception popping up in 2020. But pre-2020, in my experienced, BLE sensors are working in Point-to-Point.
For example, it work just like the normal telephone, from one telephone to a Call Center.
telephone = sensor, the transmitter, can transmit to one receiver.
Call Center = iPad, the receiver, can receive from many transmitters.

While ANT+ works the other way round, just like the radio station. Most of ANT+ sensors broadcast from one transmitter to many receivers.

In your case, if you change Zwift device from iPad to an ANT+ compatible device (PC, MAC, Android ; either with built-in ANT+ or plug-in dongle). Connect to Sunnto bike sensor by ANT+. Then your Sunnto BLE channel will be free for your watch.
Or change your watch to be ANT+ compatible like the Garmins.

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esa es la respuesta, yo tengo un Sunnto Spatrtan ultra y lo enlazo con el bike sensor via bluetooth. y simultáneamente para zwift en laptop uso Ant +