Hi - I have a Suunto training watch and looking to add the Suunto Bike Sensor but keen to know whether its compatible with Zwift?

I believe it is and I think @Gerrie_Delport has used one.

Thanks Paul.

Suunto Bike sensor works with Zwift. Just tried it. Only downside is that apparently bike sensor cannot send data to two devices simultaneously. At least I could not get any cadence data to watch while using Zwift. When closing Zwift, cadence to watch worked fine.

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How did you connect, please? I have the bike sensor and just new to Zwift. Thank you. @Tommi_Kukkurainen

Hi Lori
What I did I just activate the Bike pod by rotating pedals while Zwift was scanning the aux devises. I have Elite Suito trainer and Zwift found both Elite and Suunto bike pod for cadence. I just selected Suunto bike pod. Hope this helps. Ask more details if needed.