Suunto foot pod mini

I have a problem with the Suunto foot pod mini.
I run connected with a notebook with Windows 10 with usb / Ant+ adapter, the speed is measured quite well with the NPE Runn.
For the cadence if I use the Zwift runpod the measurement is perfect but I have to connect via the Companion app and sometimes it loses the signal.
Photo with Zwift runpod:

I purchased the Suunto foot pod mini to connect via Ant+, the connection is made without problems but the measurement goes up and down, it seems that when I go slowly it measures half the real value.
Photo with Suunto foot pod mini:

Can I do something to improve the measurement?


Hi @Mirco_Tonin
Sorry for the delay. The Suunto pod is not on our list of supported run pods. It may be possible that it’s not going to work as well as the other devices on that list.

Ok thanks