Suunto spartan sport wrist hr + Zwift?

Hi all. I’m new in this forum, so please apologize my questions, maybe this topic was discussed earlier. I have suunto spartan sport wrist hr and I would like to use soon treadmill, so which kind of footpod you can recommend me in order to pair it with Zwift app by using iPad or iphone but also with my suunto sw hr? I’m thinking about some economical footpod. Do you know if footpod Zwift will be working also with suunto spartan sw hr?
Thank you. Best regards.

Hi, i’m also on Suunto Spartan Wrist HR. As long as i see, you could use the Zwift run Pod BLE which is fully compatible on “a budget”.

Thank you Rick. I’ve already bought Zwift Pod, so now I have only do right calibration and run :smiley: see you on Watopia! Regards.