Surface Pro 3, W10, Tablet Mode, No Soft Keyboard on Text Field

** What I am Using **

Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Windows 10 Pro
Tablet Mode
Zwift Full Screen Mode

What Happens

Anywhere a text input field is shown, when tapping inside of the box no soft keyboard will appear and so I cannot type text. This is consistent throughout the app for example, in chats, in post ride inputs etc.

Worse yet, for example, on ride chats the text input dialog appears but there is no way to dismiss it.

** Expected Behavior **

A soft keyboard should pop up when I touch inside a text field in the tablet mode. May be the keyboard is disabled in all text fields.

** Workaround **

While not an optimum solution, if you launch Zwift in Desktop (non Tablet Mode) and then tap the soft keyboard on the task bar or use a real keyboard attached you can get by.