Input area for messages on Companion gets hidden behind keyboard

(Renzo Castro) #1

Hi, Everyone.

When I’m Zwifting and use my Companion App to chat, the input box is covered by the keyboard on my phone’s screen. If I want to see what I’ve typed, I need to press the back button to hide the keyboard. Trying to manipulate the text makes the KB pop up again and hide the text.

I normally didn’t chat much through my phone, so I can’t really say when it started, but I don’t remember that as something that happened when I first started Zwifting, around Sept. 2017. I’ve changed my setup’s layout a bit and now I’m using my phone instead of my PC’s KB, so I’ve noticed that issue.

Phone is a Samsung Galaxy J7 2016.

Any suggestions?


(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Renzo, thanks for writing in. Do you happen to have a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

(Renzo Castro) #3

Hello, Vincent. Thanks for the quick response.

I’m afraid that I didn’t think about getting a screenshot at that time. I tried right now and it worked correctly. Maybe they were isolated errors.

I’ll take a screenshot if it happens again. Thank you!

Best regards,


(Renzo Castro) #4

Hello, Vincent.

It has happened again. I was Zwifting on the PC and chatting through the Companion app. Here are two screenshots with the hidden text box. One is a Direct Message, the other is the general chat tab, and another is how it looks when it’s normal.

Best regards,