Ride Profile v. chat boxes

One small suggestion that addresses part of the screen design that really bugs me. The location of the texting boxes (especially when there are group rides on the road) often cover up the route profile. I like to keep track of upcoming changes in topography. If my avatar icon is on the left side of the profile, the text boxes pop up and cover it and I have to wait for everyone to stop chatting to see where I am headed (up/down). If Zwift could simply drop the boxes down so the top of them are UNDER the profile, that would be totally great. OR simply raise the bottom of the route window, that would work also.

Hi @Sno_White, welcome to Zwift.

If you are running a PC setup then you can get an overlay from Zwiftgps which allows you to size and move the position of the chat window. Takes a bit of work to set up and you will need your ZwiftID to login. For that and other tips check out [https://zwiftinsider.com/] Getting Started.

Thank you Richard for the response. I had heard of that possibility, but I am one of the fortunate that use the Zwift Apple 4K TV app w/ iPhone SE. So I am kinda locked in. But I appreciate your info.


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I too find this very annoying and you would think Zwift would fix this. You can go into settings and choose to Hide the group chat if you don’t want to see any conversations.

Thanks Paul. It seems like a small tweak to me. I do not see that on Zwift Companion (while not riding), will look for it on my next ride. S

I don’t think it’s on the Zwift Companion app. When you open Zwift on Apple 4k, go to Menu and it is in the Settings options.