Support needed for 15 bikes to run on Zwift

Hi everyone,

Can anyone please advise on the best way to connect 15 bikes which use Novo SMART to ipad mini 2s?

I have included photos of our bikes and other equipment. I have tried to make this all work with little success. What I did manage to do is connect an ipad to a bike and I was able to join a race.

The main issue was pairing the other bikes to the ipads and joining a race. I do recall when searching for the bikes using the Zwift App was confusing as one bike did not have the same ID.

Please help, if you would like any further information please ask and I will get back to you this.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @K_Miah, welcome to the forums. You probably aren’t able to attach pictures or links since you are a new member, but I’m assuming the problem you are running into is lots of bluetooth signal interference.

I assume you have all 15 bikes. trainers, and ipads in the same room? You may need to separate them and connect each one at a time, then bring them together in the same room? I’m not sure, but I bet others in the forums may have better advice that have numerous trainers and devices in the same room. It should be possible.

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Are you using 15 Zwift accounts? That will be required.

Turn on turbo and device to play Zwift on, one at a time, to correctly pair each turbo with each device?

Hi Paul

I have 15 accounts setup and ready on each iPad. Might need an update as last time I tried to set this all up was a while back.

Hi Steve

I need to familiarise myself with all the gear. I presume you turn on Turbo on the iPad through the Zwift App?

Thanks for your suggestions so far everyone, much appreciated!

He means turn the power on for each trainer one by one, then connect it to the corresponding iPad. While you’re at it, also write each trainer’s ID number (the one at the end of the trainer name etc. on the pairing screen) on a piece of tape and stick it to the trainer.


I looked up the iPad Mini 2. It looks like the highest iOS version it can run is iOS 12. Zwift requires iOS 13 or higher now, so I don’t think it will work. Docs say iPad Mini 4 or later.

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Hi Paul

Just fired up Zwift on the ipad mini 2. Its running 1.19.2 (100145) and did not ask to update to the latest version.

The ipad is version 12.5.7.

I will try what everyone has advised above and get back to you with the outcome.

Thanks everyone

That is an old version, see here: