Support for Stryd Running Pod used as cycling power meter on Peloton bike

Is there any way to grab power meter and cadence data from a peloton bike and send it to an iOS device for use with Zwift cycling? I’m assuming it’s a closed environment.

Additionally, assuming it’s not possible, can I use a Stryd pod as a power meter for cycling data in zwift while on a peloton? It’s able to register cadence, but the power output seems to be half what the peloton shows at best.


I wonder if the QZ app can do this. (

@Roberto_Viola will know

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Cadence has no direct correlation to power, so I would not think this is possible.

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yes @Adam_Block1 im working on this in these days! join the qz facebook group to discover more or join the github page! let me know

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Yes. Search for “Data Fitness Connector.” I assume they’re still selling these. Very easy to install and operate.

Edit: To be clear, I was answering the first question—you can grab data from Peleton using the DFC device.