Super Tuck Banned

I wonder if Zwift will now remove it for safety purposes :joy:

Have the UCI banned cycling through active volcano’s?


How fast do you have to be going to get into the “super tuck” in Zwift? I can get into a standard tuck if I stop pedaling down a mountain going >30 mph.
I once outfitted my avatar with longer hair, knee high socks, and filled my jersey pockets with a bunch of ride-on’s for added weight, went to the top of Alp de Zwift, turned around so I can see how fast I can get to. Somewhere around where the virtual world was a blur my avatar got into a “plank tuck” balancing on the saddle. Skipped the “super tuck” all together, went straight to ludicrous speed. Got fined by the UCI for my sock height.


replace it with the Superman!


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Thanks. I didn’t realize that was the super tuck when you stop pedaling down a steep mountain. I think I’ll leave that one to the pros and my Zwift avatar, there is no way I’d try that IRL.

I have mixed feelings about the UCI ban. In the super tuck the riders still can have their hands near the brake levers. I can see riders now overcoming the ban by installing dropper posts (the added weight would be nullified by the weight of the bike already since they are adding lead tape now to hit the UCI minimum weight). The UCI needs to focus on the other tuck position, the one where the riders put their elbows on the tops emulating the position if they have aero bars. The hands are nowhere near the brake levers. And they do that position when they are leading the peloton whereas the super tuck is normally when they are riding solo.

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I can’t recall seeing crashes attributed to being in either of these positions.

We’re in danger of making cycling boring like F1 with all the safety rules.

I’m pretty sure that the reasoning is more about setting a good example to other (less skilled) riders.

Yeah I suppose. I use both techniques and yes they need a little practise. Haven’t managed to pedal in supertuck though.

I like a little excitement in cycling, a Sagan elbow or headbutt for example. The odd rider taking his earpiece out to ignore the DS etc…

Throwing litter away was a good example of a bad example as that’s something the youth of today need to learn.

I see the logic although i think it’s flawed.

I don’t try and drive my car around bends at the limit of grip after watching F1. I don’t hurtle down black runs after watching downhill skiing or try to climb up rock faces without safety ropes.

Professionals are highly skilled, elite people. If there are a super skilled sub set of them that can push boundaries further to gain a small advantage then they should. The everyday person will soon figure out if that special skill is possible when they try it.

Maybe not, but I’ve seen amateur bike racers do the “elbows on the bars” thing. Very dangerous and often banned (if you get noticed) in amateur races.

I did a supertuck on my bike just messing around, and after a slight curve in the road, ended up with a pretty nasty tire burn on the inside of my knee.