Sun rays strobing/flickering when sun low on the horizon

As title. Windows 10, 12100F/3060 Ti/8GB/SSD etc but seen on multiple systems as usual. Observed on Watopia, Yorkshire and Innsbruck off the top of my head.

been happening for years as far as I know, recorded this over a year ago. Added bonus, I got the guy doing sweet donuts in the middle of the road :slight_smile:


Yeah I just thought I’d mention/log it, since nobody seems bothered about fixing this stuff.

You posted that around the time of the launcher discussion IIRC. Which is still broken of course. Possibly related.

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Could trigger epilepsy with this.

Hi @Dave_ZPCMR

Is there any way this sun flickering effect could be normal?

Seems kind of cool to me. Just saying.

Er, no I don’t believe it’s meant to be like that. You tell me.

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Hi @Dave_ZPCMR

Fair enough. I’ll flag it up to a higher technical authority on the team to try and get some attention on this. Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks. It’s by no means a new one, but I saw it (again) a few times today.


@shooj Sun/lighting effects seem different on the new release, is this intended to address the problem in the OP?

Didn’t work anyway, if so. Problem is still there.

Still the same.

Still the same.