Sun rays strobing/flickering when sun low on the horizon

As title. Windows 10, 12100F/3060 Ti/8GB/SSD etc but seen on multiple systems as usual. Observed on Watopia, Yorkshire and Innsbruck off the top of my head.

been happening for years as far as I know, recorded this over a year ago. Added bonus, I got the guy doing sweet donuts in the middle of the road :slight_smile:


Yeah I just thought I’d mention/log it, since nobody seems bothered about fixing this stuff.

You posted that around the time of the launcher discussion IIRC. Which is still broken of course. Possibly related.

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Could trigger epilepsy with this.

Hi @Dave_ZPCMR

Is there any way this sun flickering effect could be normal?

Seems kind of cool to me. Just saying.

Er, no I don’t believe it’s meant to be like that. You tell me.

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Hi @Dave_ZPCMR

Fair enough. I’ll flag it up to a higher technical authority on the team to try and get some attention on this. Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks. It’s by no means a new one, but I saw it (again) a few times today.


@shooj Sun/lighting effects seem different on the new release, is this intended to address the problem in the OP?

Didn’t work anyway, if so. Problem is still there.