Dark scenes alternating between moonlight to bike light only

Not sure if it is the game, the video card, or the TV I am using as a monitor that is the cause, the screen keeps alternating between ambient light in low light scenes such as the jungle route. It has been annoying me for a while, to the point that I am asking for help, the last update did little to fix the problem. Anyone else have this problem or a solution?

Hey Brett, sorry to hear the lighting is not showing correctly! Do you happen to have a screenshot of this? Or a video capture?

And have you altered any video card or monitor settings to see if they help at all?

I’ve had the same issue too, however, not frequently. It looks to me like some kind of AGC artifact in a camera. I haven’t changed the settings on my graphics card either and it is a fairly new NVIDIA card that I purchased few months ago to take advantage of the higher resolution.